Videos & Media

GSA Academy performs Live Film Songs performed on cruiselines across the world!  Enjoy some live performances of Hindi Bollywood Classics!
Authentic garba-raas performed by GSA Academy during Navratri Festival Season and auspicious wedding occasions by a full team of in-house trained dholis, keyboardists, drummers, percussionist and National Award Winning Vocalists!
Enjoy when Eastern talent meeting Western vocal tunes when GSA Academy performs American favorite classics and Modern Top 20 hits in various shows.  Then, follow along as GSA Academy brings you old & new Bollywood Hits in Karaoke and Live Stage Shows!

GSA Academy has some of most seasoned Garba-Raas artists who have performed all over the U.S. from New Mexico, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Arizona, Portland and many more to gaining recognition internationally with shows in India, Panama City, Bahamas and Canada as well.  GSA Academy has an in-house trained full performance team with dholis, drummers, percussionist, keyboardist and National-Award winning Male and Female vocalists.   

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