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Meet Geeta & Sanjiv Munshi

Musical Director Sanjiv Munshi has earned a Vishaarad Degree in North-Indian Classical Music through a rigorous and demanding 6 year Mastery program from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in India.  He went on to be the esteemed lead Music Producer at Doordarshan Television (Rajkot, India) frequenting recordings for "All India Radio".  
Geeta Munshi with a Master's Degree in Language has been able to use her command on Gujarati, Hindi and Sanskrit along with her Nationally acclaimed and award winning singing to compose, teach and record multiple albums alongside Sanjiv Munshi.
Both sought after teachers bring about a deep and rich learning experience for their students integrating history, theory and practical application.  With
13 books written, G.S. Art's Academy uniquely provides a step-by-step approach for their students and music enthusiasts.  

GSA Academy's Dance:
is composed of the Nation's most experienced, energetic and diverse Choreographers, Nishi Munshi, who has 15 years of dance training under her belt from Bollywood, Indian-Folk, and Classical Kathak. Her resume includes working alongside International artists A.R. Rahman, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber & Jason Derulo. Due to her current ongoing projects on Network Television, she takes on select projects by appointment only.     

Contact us: 

Email - Sangeeshree@hotmail.com
Call - (562) 946-0496


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